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Celebrating 15 Years…

Greenview Environmental Management Limited (Greenview) was established in 2005 to serve the growing technical, engineering, and infrastructure needs of smaller, rural municipalities in central and eastern Ontario.

Greenview’s new, sustainable and energy-focused professional office is home to a diverse group of staff, including professional engineers, consultants, project managers, designers, and technologists.

Greenview’s approach to business is founded primarily within the Municipal sector of central and eastern Ontario, where legislative downloading from upper levels of government to smaller municipalities has provided for the unique, client-focused services of our firm.  Of particular need in the rural municipal sector recently, has been municipal building infrastructure – Greenview prides itself as one of the premier consulting firms in this aspect of municipal service delivery to smaller municipalities in the region.

Our client base is focused within the rural sector of Central and Eastern Ontario, with direct connections to our skills, experience, and specific interests of our clients on how we deliver projects.

Greenview’s clients are primarily small municipalities, with long-term relationships built on our professional, proven, and value-added services, all focused on client needs.Greenview’s business model and operations are highly-professional, with a unique, small-municipal delivery ‘style’.

Established relationships with clients, a proven track record of successfully executed projects, and specialization in infrastructure planning, design, and development is of a particular demand of our clientele, old and new.

Greenview is very proud to announce that we have served municipalities and private sector Clients in central and eastern Ontario for 15 years.

Our Clients have supported our business approach and specialised delivery model in a manner that has grown our business to be one of the preferred consultant teams in rural eastern Ontario.

While Greenview’s repeat and new Clients play an integral role in our success, we’d like to extend our sincere gratitude to our dedicated staff that have worked so hard to build Greenview’s strong foundation and reputation of consulting services over the past 15 years.